By this time tomorrow, I’ll know where I’m doing my residency. Wow.

Sorry about the downtime today; I guess that my copy of Frontier shares my anxiety, and is also prone to random breakdown at any moment. :) (I’m running an alpha version of the latest and greatest Frontier app, so this kind of thing is actually expected, I guess.) I just crashed again, though, so it’s time to go back to the prior alpha I had been running.

I just want to point to the recap of Sean Elliott’s first game back after a kidney transplant. I have said it before, but I’ll say it again — I could not admire him, or his brother, any more.

I really like the one-line witticism that Greg Knauss posted to the other Jason’s site in Jason’s absence: “Note to self: Everything’s an adventure when you’re stupid.”

Virginia has become the first state to sign the evil UCITA into law. Basically, it’s a terrible attempt by the software industry to legitimize shrinkwrap licenses, even when you can’t see them until after you purchase a product; it also allows companies to remotely disable software installation at their whim. There are a slew more scary aspects to this law; you can read more about it at 4CITE’s website, and view all of the people who are against it as well.

I really like implosions. The ability to control the explosives (implosives?) so precisely is an artform, and watching a building just slide into the ground is pretty amazing. (Oh, wowDan points to a implode-the-Kingdome-yourself applet today, made by people across the street from the Dome. Cooooool.)

If anyone wants to buy me a small spindle of these (I dunno, perhaps as a celebration of my impending residency acceptance?), feel free to. :)

Fiona Maazel has a hilarious recount of her failed attempts as a pornographer on Salon today. Fave quote:

On a Web site featuring nipple clips and metal gourds, what I’d written was unpublishable. Hard to believe, but I’d sunk lower than the lowest of the low. I was a woman whose sexual dementia rivaled Anne Rice’s.