Thank you, Brent.

I would say that the Wired News redesign looks good, except for the fact that there are now two banners, one at the top that’s movable and for navigation, and one at the bottom that is permanent and for advertisements. Blecccch.

It seems like a remarkably idiotic decision to bar Internet reporters from the NCAA Final Four. Although this USA Today article uses and as examples, but even these two organizations are tied to old media companies, so they can get credentialed. Did things like this happen when television was invented?

How nice would it be to have laws like this in the United States? Trips to the post office, the department of motor vehicles, and city hall would take on a whole new character.

Holy smokes — it appears that all of the Oscar statuettes have been stolen while en route from Chicago to California. That sucks… now what will they give the South Park people when they win Best Song?

Cool — hip pager codes from Motorola. I only knew a fraction of these; time to start doing my homework, I guess.

Recently, a new Frontier-based web application framework came online — Conversant. Made by the terrific programmers at MacroByte, it looks to be an alternative to Manila, and looks very powerful. I still need to play around with it, but I’ve set up a free site, QuesoConverse, to do just that.

From Something Awful comes an excellent ICQ prank between a hardcore Nine Inch Nails fan and an ostensibly-hyperreligious prosletyzer.