I really hope it’s just gossip that the Academy won’t give a pair of tickets to the Oscars to the man who found the stolen awards. If it is true, then that’s just plain sad.

Remember the flap when APBNews.com asked for all of the financial disclosure forms from the Federal judiciary, and was denied? Well, cooler heads have (finally) prevailed; the Judicial Conference of the United States reversed the decision late last week.

Beaver College has a problem. Of course, I just did a little test, and this article is wildly misleading. It’s a no-brainer that searching for “beaver” returns a lot of porn, but searching for “beaver college” gives you exactly what you want on most search engines — here are links to that search on the biggies: Infoseek, AltaVista, Lycos, Yahoo, Netscape, Excite, GoTo.com, Snap.

A semi-interesting article on the progress of computer-driven muscular assisting devices for paraplegics begins with quite a (hopefully unintentional) buzzkill: “Paraplegic Marc Merger knows his dream of strolling through the countryside on a sunny day will remain just that — a dream.” Talk about rubbing salt in the wound…

OK, all you mathmaticians… time to earn the big bucks. I have no idea why, but it’s always been funny to me that things like this, Fermat’s Theorem, and the like are so tough to prove.