In what must have been fun work, scientists have proven why double soap bubbles form the shape that they do.

Did you all know that Dubya supports an amendment to the Texan concealed weapons permit laws that would allow people to carry their weapons inside of churches?

Something that I hadn’t seen reported — the hostages in the Maryland standoff that ended late two nights ago managed to drug their captor with Xanax, escaped when he was knocked out; the police were able to storm in while he was still out. That’s pretty great.

Funny synergy — I saw Erin Brockovich last night (great movie), and in a scene in which the lawyer had to convince all of the town residents that aribtration was the best way to handle the case, he was miserably failing until he got across to them that a jury trial could take decades before they saw any money. I then get home, and read that the U.S. government settled a 23-year-old sex discrimination lawsuit yesterday for $508 million. It’s disgusting to me that the U.S. attorney on the case calls this “and equitable and fair resolution to the matter” — I’m willing to bet that, for the 1,100 women who sued, it’s somewhere around 23 years too late.

Another financial settlement that’s a little late in coming.

Part of me wants an eHolster, much much more of me knows that if I looked anything like the eDork in the lower right corner of the home page, I’d be mocked senseless.