Gawd, I spent nearly an hour tonight searching for Casey Marshall’s Java applet that displays links between weblogs (or at least those weblogs listed in Brig’s huge list). After finally finding it, I decided that the world needs a huge permanent searchable index of all of the known weblogs, and the links in the index need to point to pages which only have a single day’s posting on them.

Played with Pike a little yesterday and today, and it’s neat, especially given that I’m a Frontier user. But it seems to be working against the best part of Manila, namely that I can edit my entire site in a browser. With Pike, there’s another application involved; the thing about Manila that excites me the most is that I don’t have to have another app in the workflow. But I guess another thing I like about Manila is that I don’t have to use Pike; I can choose to if I want, but generally won’t.

I also found a problem with Pike — it (or, more specifically, the Pike code in Manila) generates URLs that use an IP address that the Manila server is not bound to. Oops.

Tune into MSNBC today to watch the Seattle Kingdome implode.

The notion of healthy people getting full-body CAT scans as part of their checkups is scary to me. Articles like this tend to focus on the people who have benefited from the practice, but leave out all of the people who have had false-positives, or the people with benign conditions that never needed to be diagnosed. And the cost to the already-overwhelmed insurance system is enormous.

I mentioned the other day that there was a rumor about the Academy not wanting to give the guy who found the missing Oscars tickets to the show; I am happy to report that it was, in fact, just a rumor. (He also gets $50,000 for his troubles!)

Tim Duncan, forward of my beloved San Antonio Spurs, took another step towards stardom yesterday with his first triple-double.