Yet another sad example of what happens when you don’t talk to your kids about the danger of drugs.

The link to the permanent page for each day has caught on in the Manila world; now it’s available on all ETP sites, and apparently, it’ll be available in the Manila root update process soon. (As a reminder, the little page icon at the far right of each day’s header bar on this page is a link to that day’s permanent page, for archiving or linking purposes.)

It never fails to infuriate me when I hear that my elected officials are presently considering yet another Constitutional amendment to prohibit flag desecration (as the Senate is doing today, with Senate Joint Resolution 14). What bothers me most is their belief that the flag doesn’t represent the very sentiment that they are trying to ban — the ability to make a political statement, including burning one’s own property, without fear of government reprisal. Personally, the constant waste of this country’s time with efforts like this are far more offensive than someone burning a flag.

You will be able to see your Senator’s vote on the matter at the Senate website.

Tracy is such a tease — first, we could see the right side; now, we’ve got the left upper quarter filled in, too. What do we have to do to get it all?

Talk about nasty on-the-job hazards

In what can only be described as hallicinogen-induced, there’s Paint with Meat.

In all honesty, I cannot believe that Mike is suggesting that people carrying guns on the streets of New York is the answer. Honestly, I feel so much safer here in NYC than I ever did living in San Antonio, Texas (a state in which it is not only legal to carry guns, it’s legal to carry concealed guns).

The two guys who cracked the CyberPatrol encryption scheme (and thusly obtained the list of websites banned by the app) have published an analysis of the cryptographic attack, which is a very interesting read for the technical details, if not for the examples they give of websites that are filtered for no, or for highly political, reasons. (Example: Peacefire, the anti-censorware website, is blocked in every category by CyberPatrol, meaning that it is classified as each of the following: Violence/Profanity, Partial Nudity, Full Nudity, Sexual Acts/Text, Gross Depictions/Text, Intolerance, Satanic or Cult, Drugs/Drug Culture, Militant/Extremist, Sex Education, Questionable/Illegal & Gambling, Alcohol & Tobacco.) Today, a federal judge in Boston is hearing arguments about the decryption app.

Wow, it seems like a rant day here. Right now, I’m on the phone listening to the hold music of Network Solutions. Of course, I’m lucky to be holding; the first dozen (no exaggeration) times I called today, I got a message saying that they were experiencing too many calls for me to even get to be on hold, and that I would have to call back later. This is a company that wanted us all to entrust them with the entire domain name system? They suck. The reason I’m calling? Because I have now submitted a change to one of our contacts three times, and each time we got a notice that the change had been completed, and each time the change never occurred. (Have I mentioned that they suck?)