Yay! For at least another year, the flag burning amendment is dead. Although, in all honesty, it angers me that 63 Senators don’t understand the idea of political speech. I’ve put together a short page with the official Senate transcripts, as well as a few links to press coverage of the results, and tomorrow, it will have a link to how the Senators voted.

Now let’s really talk about patents that shouldn’t ever be granted. Talk about prior art… how about the thousands of people who have had this gene intricately woven into their chromosomes for their entire friggin’ lives. Granting patents on genes is just plain wrong.

MSNBC has an article about the silliness of business models like Kozmo.Com, but the real reason it’s worth reading is this introductory paragraph:

We went to see a movie the other night called “Mission to Mars.” It was about some kind of mean, tornado-type thing that is controlled by a Martian woman in an Oscar de la Renta evening gown, who lives inside a giant face of herself on Mars and captures an astronaut and sucks him up inside her space ship through a long straw and then keeps him in a tank of water where he learns to breathe without gills.

Makes you want to rush out and see Mission To Mars, don’t it?

Yesterday, I got an email pleading with all network admins to help stop denial-of-service attacks by implementing certain security measures on their routers. If you are in charge of even a single router, or have a cable or DSL modem (which are routers, not modems, but that’s a whole separate issue), then you really should read this and do what you need to do to help the Internet community prevent these annoying DOS attacks.

Play ball!

Via Dan comes FNWire Interviews Jeeves. Awesome — they submit interview questions to Ask Jeeves, and try to make some sense out of the answers.

Since I’m reasonably certain that those Referrer Log entries from Carpe Diem come from none other than David Theige, I hereby publicly plead: keep up your log, David! Your readers miss you!

After much searching, I found the file that you can download, uncompress, and write to CD to allow you to install the Office 2000 Service Release 1 on many computers without having to do them all over the Internet. Download O2KSR1DL.EXE (from the Microsoft Office Resource Kit Toolbox), and run it; this will extract the files to your hard disk. Write those files to a CD, and you’re in business.

I’ve added a new bookmark — Nubbin. Great writing style, clean design, and keeps my interest — all the things that scream “bookmark me!”. (It probably doesn’t hurt that Ariana’s cute, though…)