The summary page of the Senate arguments and vote on the flag burning amendment is now complete; it’s a handy place to get the official text and PDF records of the debate.

My people are so inclusive, it makes me big-time proud.

Seen today at The Bradlands: “Putting the ‘we blo’ in ‘weblogs’ since 1998.” Classic.

Yet another reason to love the fair maiden Ariana:

George W. Bush scares the hell out of me. if he’s elected president, I will consider renouncing my citizenship and emigrating to England. …or the Republic of Cuervo Gold. ooo. there’s an idea.

Today brings us yet another example of someone who very well may have been dropped on his head as a small child: Dr. David Schweitzer. His website claims to show evidence that you can rearrange energy patterns in water by projecting thoughts into it; two examples of his alleged proof are here and here. I scoured his site to try to figure out what kind of doctor he is, to no avail; the fact that he could be a medical doctor, treating patients, scares the living daylights out of me.

Just in case you were concerned that she may not be getting enough recognition these days, Sheryl Crow was honored on the floor of the House of Representatives last week. (Actually, though, she wasn’t; the above link is an Extension of Remarks, which are remarks submitted to the Congressional Record for publication in that day’s transcript even though they weren’t made on the floor, and may in fact never have been spoken aloud.)