Must…. see…. Star Wars in Flash!

Friggin’ classic.

I know I’ve said it before, but I love Dahlia Lithwick, the Supreme Court reporter for Slate. Her legal analysis is great, but more importantly, by perfectly describing the back-and-forth that goes on during the few hours of oral argument a week, she reminds me that the Justices are humans, too.

More proof that anyone can post anything on the Web, and inevitably, someone will believe them (as if my site isn’t enough proof!).

A couple of new or updated Windows 2000 hotfixes have been released in the past few days, get ‘em while they’re hot:

  • Index Server (updated version of the “Malformed Hit-Highlighting Argument” hotfix, to deal with another problem identified by David Litchfield of Cerebus)
  • TCP/IP print server (potential denial-of-service attack against the add-on lpd server)
  • Internet Information Services (vague vulnerability which would allow source of ASP files to be seen)

I also seem to have missed the following one: