Late start today — I flew back from Indianapolis early this morning, after waking up way late and having the kind of trip that you’d expect after you’ve woken up late. But I’m back in NYC, which always makes me smile.

I’m not sure which is worse — the fact that this pillow exists, or the fact that they have illustrated the home page with a young girl affectionately hugging the damn thing. (Found by Nancy, my newest online buddy.)

Early Saturday morning, I got an email from the SANS group, an alert about a virus that had been found in Houston and was both erasing system directories and calling 911 on modems. Despite the assurance in the alert that it was not an April Fool’s Day hoax, I shrugged it off (of course, I did a little research first, but didn’t see information in the places that I would have expected to, like the Houston local news sources, the AP wire, Symantec’s virus alert system). Now, though, Symantec does have info on the virus, and the FBI is asking people to be especially vigilant in wiping it out, since it does have the ability to swamp 911 call centers. So be vigilant, everyone!