Dubya attempts to be an environmentalist. How pathetic; I hope that America doesn’t close its eyes to what an environmental disaster Dubya’s home state is, and how instrumental he has been in making it so.

A wannabe orthopedic surgeon is suing Nike for $30 million because she tripped and hurt her wrist. Damn, is anyone responsible for their own actions anymore?

CBS took a ratings bath on the NCAA Finals. Serves ‘em right, with the way that they treated the rest of the media in Indianapolis and with the fact that they were willing to pay $6 billion for exclusive rights to the tournament.

Someone in L.A., please go make sure that Tracy is still alive…

The audacity: ABC sent Leonardo DeCaprio to conduct a news interview with President Clinton. ABC is denying that it was intended to be a legit sit-down interview, but apparently, the original request from ABC tells a different story. And to add insult to injury, ABC is now claiming that the interview was “on spec” (meaning that they would decide later whether or not to use any or all of it), something that understandably just isn’t done when the President is involved.

An interesting page on homebrewed SDSL (from Dan_of_BrainLog).

I don’t know why I’m such a glutton for punishment. I used Netscape 6 again today, and went to a website that required me to log in (standard HTTP authentication, with the dialog box that asks for your username and password). The tab order in the dialog box is all screwed up — it takes five tabs to get from the username to field to the password field. I decided to report this on their Problem Report page, and got the same Server Error as I got when I tried to report a problem yesterday. So then, I went to the Netscape 6 Suggestions page and suggested that they fix the Problem Report page — and got the exact same error. I don’t know how else to read this except that they are clearly not serious about improving this browser.

Cool cool cool cool: J-Track 3D, a Java applet that shows real-time 3D satellite information.

Great interchange from the weblog chat last night:

<Dan_of_BrainLog> Surfing = blogging if you occasionally put things in a text file to blog.
<Dan_of_BrainLog> It’s just wasted surfing if you’re not taking notes for your blog.
<iscavenger> Oh, man, that’s sad but true.

Another frown for Netscape 6: Melty’s draggable pals don’t work. Double frown.