one of the most rewarding experiences i had was introducing some kids to the reality of ‘jump cuts’ in video. i interviewed one of them talking about his friend; i then cut in myself pretending to interview him about what he thought about adolf hitler. “oh, he’s a DOOD, man. he RULES!” you get the idea. youngsters form their opinions based on first impressions, and what they SEE. none of them ever looked at a barbara walters or 20/20 interview the same again.

altering reality is a dangerous game, one that will cost us as a society. look at how that kid killed his brother by trying WWF wrestling moves on him.

fake must be billed as fake; and even then, children may take it as reality … i say this, having sal ivone (of the weekly world news) as an acquaintance … i disagree with him greatly on the function of that media monstrosity.


Yeah, this is a push-pull thing that goes on everyday at major magazines and other news sources. Remember the darkening of O.J.’s mug shot by Time? Bad bad bad.

• Posted by: Jason Levine on Apr 8, 2000, 3:41 PM
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