Sleeping in, and waking up to Walter Wade’s radio show Filet of Soul, rocks…. (And now, I’ve got Dan_of_BrainLog addicted too… my plan for world domination is just beginning.)

If you sign a contract with your cable modem provider agreeing to not run any servers, then you can’t complain when they tell you to stop running Napster, or gripe that they are sweeping machines to find out if they are running servers.

How very Footloose this is.

Classic: “Turkey’s oil wrestlers — burly men who cover themselves in olive oil and grapple with each other wearing leather trousers — are trying to stop a group of homosexuals coming to watch.” Later in the article: “The wrestlers, their muscles rippling in olive oil under the hot sun, try to pin each other to the ground. Putting a hand down the opponent’s trousers to get a better grip is a common tactic.”

This is exactly why my copy of The Sims is sitting unplayed right now — I’m terrified of how addicted I’ll become. It just sits there, whimpering at me, saying “play me, play me!”

Living up to my webring membership, another link from someone else: Jess brings us The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. I had heard about X-ray shoe fitting devices, but never seen one

Wow, a couple of people have way too much time on their hands. (Pretty funny, though.)

Very cool technology implementation, courtesy of Eric Soroos: XML-RPC over SMTP. When XML-RPC was introduced, I didn’t think much of it; I can’t remember when my awakening happened, but I now have a few apps based around it, and would have had to jump through major hoops without it.

Hey, the font sizes on CNN are back to normal. But, now I’m very happy doing my daily news browsing at MSNBC; CNN pretty much lost me when they didn’t respond to any of the font size complaints.