I get about a month off between graduation and residency, and I’m trying to decide where to go for a nice little vacation. A great idea hit me today — why don’t I go to Cuba? And then, just beforehand, I could go down to Florida, pose as a Cuban national, visit Elian, hide him in my luggage, bring him back to Cuba myself, and end this damn saga. Think it’d work?

Oh, this makes me very happy: the Supreme Court is opening their own website starting next week (April 17th). It will provide same-day access to decisions, as well as schedules and the argument calendar. The new site will live at http://www.supremecourtus.gov/; right now, it’s password-protected.

I agree with Jim Warren — the fact that GOP.gov, an amazingly partisan website, has a .gov address is very disturbing. The justification posted by Richard Diamond (one of Dick Armey’s lapdogs) completely misses the point — it’s not that the House Republican Conference doesn’t deserve the .gov designation, it’s that what the HRC has chosed to do with that designation is repugnant, misleading, and a terrible precedent to set. (I started a thread on this at MetaFilter.)

Also at MetaFilter, plinth is trying to mock Microsoft with a mathematically-challenged dialog box, but conveniently neglects to mention that said dialog box is from Netscape Navigator, not a Microsoft product. Does he really believe that Microsoft operating systems are able to check all code that runs under them for math errors?

Apparently, since the new year began, the various Linux stocks tracked by Linux Weekly News have taken a beating. The press covered the ascent of these companies; I haven’t read as much about their slow fall.

Funny — almost all of the people who wrote into Macintouch about their experience with Netscape 6 PR1 have the same opinions that I do… slow, buggy, and terrible UI. And one person documented the same experience I had when trying to submit feedback to them via their own web form — server error, contact the sysadmin, have a nice day.

Another funny — Western Civ’s page purporting to describe the CSS support in Netscape 6 claims that the entirety of CSS1 is “well-supported,” when that’s just not the case. Granted, that may be the goal of NS6, but it’s not there yet. (View my site in both IE5 and NS6, and you’ll see the differences.)

Microsoft has identified a memory leak in the DNS server running on Windows 2000; if you want the fix, you have to contact them as outlined in the tech note.