Q-Ball… I like that one!

I’ve never won tickets on the radio before, but Dan_Of_BrainLog got me into dialing into WBGO FM here in NYC, and I just won tickets to a concert Sunday night. Coooooool.

Very nice redesign over at twerntland, twer’nt it?

First use of my new toys: a hit monitor for this site, which you can see on QuesoCam2. It’s controlled by a small Visual Basic app, which uses the COM XML-RPC client written by Joe Massey and Steve Ivy to query my Manila server. I figure it’s a good test for all of the components involved, especially the COM client and Manila, which are being used once every second. (I apologize about the poor color on the camera; the backlight on the LCD screen is throwing off the white balancing, so I’m overriding it manually for now.)

Yep, that’s right, I’m now an ACLS-certified lifesaver. (Or possibly a cherry LifeSaver; I never can tell the difference.) If I had a scanner at home, I’d scan the card for you, but that could actually border on pathetic, so nevermind.

Just because I’m sick to death of the small issue going on down in Little Havana, Florida right now, it doesn’t mean I don’t have strong opinions on it. And now I’ve realized that those opinions exactly mirror those of Chuck (April 13th entry). So read his — I hereby say that they speak for me, so that I don’t have to write about it any more.

What a great idea: MailExpire will set up a free forwarding email address for you, but unlike all the other services that do this, their email address will expire after an amount of time that you set (12 hours to one month). Perfect when you only need a website to be able to communicate with you for a short period of time, but don’t want their spam for the rest of your natural born life.

Norah Pierson has an out-and-out hilarious piece on pseudo-stalking Jeff Cohen, the actor who played Chunk in The Goonies.