i don’t remember if i sent this to you:

“this president is treated by both the press and foreign leaders as if he were a child. he earns praise for the ordinary, for what used to be the expected. his occasional ability to retain facts is cited as a triumph when it should, in fact, be a routine occurrence …”

— richard cohen, washington post, 6.2.83

as far as geography goes, i find this:

“well, i learned a lot. … i went down [to latin america] to find out from them and [learn] their views. you’d be surprised. they’re all individual countries.”

— washington post, 12.6.82

it seems dubya is inheriting the ‘reagan teflon coating’ …
feel free to reuse as you see fit. seems we need a presidential s.a.t. to guarantee baseline level of intelligence. i don’t think that’s at all off-base, considering our problems with past presidents …