Home: five days’ worth of my ramblings, wrapped in sanitary cellophane and delivered straight to your door! (No tipping allowed.)

Referrer Log: look who I’ve suckered into sending visitors my way! Dynamically updated so that you have the very latest glimpse into the fascinating web of sluttish collusion.

Discuss: the place to share what you want to say. Think of it as that bulletin board next to the bathrooms at work, without all of the grubby “Ride Wanted” and “Old Ratty Couch For Sale” signs tacked helter-skelter.

Lightweight: a super-lightweight version of Q Daily News, with minimal acoutrements, perfect for your PalmPilot.

About: a little prosaic glimpse into my otherwise unremarkable life. Perhaps a picture to sate your crushing appetite.

Syndication: links to the various syndication files, so that you can take all the steaming heaps of love from Q and run ‘em through your favorite syndication system.


QuesoCam: a view of nothing (or whatever I decide to point it at that day). But here’s the thing — it’s a really nice camera, so it’s a clear view of nothing. Can’t beat that!

Photos: a one-stop shopping haven for all the photo essays that have graced the pages of Q.

Manila Stuff:

altTemplate Plug-In: a server-side addition to Manila, allowing a site editor to create alternate templates, and then to render messages through those templates.

DeepLeap Plug-In: a server-side addition to Manila, making simple the setup and maintenance of the XML file that’s needed to enable DeepLeap’s MetaInfo function. Leap away…

Daily Links: a server-side macro that makes it easy to add a link to your permanent, daily Manila site archive. What all the webloggers crave.

Referrer Log: yet another macro, this one that makes it simple to add a page showing all of the people sending you hits galore. Used in my referrers page.

LogBrowser: a Manila control panel add-in that gives you a detailed hourly log, complete with membership identifiers and referrers.


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