I went to the Yankees game this afternoon, and didn’t even realize that Ramiro Mendoza was working a perfect game until the ball glanced off of the tip of Clay Bellinger’s glove and ended the attempt. The Yanks won, though, easily.

DeepLeap launched yesterday. It’s a web application that assists you when you surf — you can highlight a word and get a definition, you can bookmark pages on their server, so that you have universal access to them, and things like that. They write some pretty serious JavaScript, too… impressive. If you use DeepLeap, this site is enabled for it — you can use the MetaInfo tab to surf around and search Q quickly and easily.

New release: I wrote a plug-in for Manila today that sets up and automatically generates the XML file that DeepLeap uses to enable their MetaInfo functionality of their web app. (It’s being used here to maintain my own deepleap.xml file.) Read about it, and grab it!

In a bit of reciprocal link action, Dan points to a damn funny letter to the IRS; wonder if it’s real or not…

So, it turns out that the reports of the backdoor security hole in Microsoft’s DVWSSR.dll were 100%, totally, completely false. And the news reports bordered on ludicrous before backing off a little bit — saying that the “Netscape engineers are weenies!” phrase is a backdoor password (it isn’t, it’s a static key used to encode filenames), saying that any box with the DLL is vulnerable to any visitor (they aren’t, only theoretically vulnerable to people with valid Web Authoring logins), and saying that all files are vulnerable (they aren’t, the above NTBugTraq article actually found that there is no vulnerability at all).

I don’t know why, but I want a Lomo, crushingly. They look neat, and seem to take the kind of pictures I like — raw, colorful, natural-looking. Anyone wanna send me one?

As usual, Neale comes through for the Sims addicts with the PsychoticMentalPatient family photo album. Kickin’.