I feel very honored to be on Nikolai’s “SXSW 2000 People I Would Have Enjoyed Meeting” list… but I wasn’t at SXSW 2000! But, now that I’ve thought about it, SXSW 2000 is definitely on my “Things I Would Have Enjoyed Going To” list — there were pangs of jealousy when I browsed all the pictures that came out of the event, and if anything else, I would have loved to put faces and living, breathing personalities to the people that I have been reading, day in and day out, for months now.

Damn, this is cool — competitive swimmers in Australia are donning neck-to-ankle swimsuits designed to approximate the skin of sharks and other fish, in an effort to improve times. They ostensibly do trim up to 3% off of previous best times.

I went to see Jimmy Cobb’s Mob last night (on the tickets I won on WBGO a few nights ago), and the show was just frickin’ amazing. Jimmy Cobb is a jazz legend, having played drums for Miles Davis (on Kind of Blue, Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, and Cannonball Adderly, to name just a few. And at 70+ years old, he’s still awesome.

I got an email from Edd Dumbill yesterday evening, saying that he had “shamelessly copied” my Manila DeepLeap plug-in for Zope — if you use Zope, go get it.