Excitement abounds — I get to go see oral arguments at the Supreme Court next week, in the last case of the year, Boy Scouts of America v. Dale. (It’s the case fighting the ban on gay members in the Boy Scouts; if you’re into the law-reading sort of thing, you can read the original New Jersey appellate case and New Jersey Supreme Court case, both of which ruled against the Boy Scouts.)

Sometimes I think that he’s got a lot of good things to say about the developing for the web, but when Cam Barrett says that it’s partially Microsoft’s fault that people go and do stupid things with Active Server Pages, I just expect his head to do that thing in Total Recall (where the fat woman was really Arnold Schwarzenegger in disguise), and underneath the mask will be Larry Ellison, looking like he’s been caught.

I almost forgot that we’re getting up to awesome jazz season in New York City — there’s the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival from June 1 through June 11, and then there’s the JVC Jazz Festival from June 12 through June 24. Fine, it may not be the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (which evil Chuck is gloating about going to in a week) or Montreaux, but it’s pretty damned sweet.

wired news 403

Above is the 403 Forbidden message that I got when I tried to go to Wired News today. Absent the obvious (I shouldn’t be forbidden to read the main Wired News page), I sorta like it…

Once I was allowed to look at Wired, I noticed a pretty funny piece about an (unmarked) spoof article in last month’s Esquire — a guy who claimed that he was going to start a new dotcom business upon the premise that people will get a free car, the catch being that the car would be plastered with ads. Many people took it seriously, and it turns out that there are already a few startups with this very same idea. (Have I mentioned how ridiculous most of these dotcom startups are?)

There’s a new Microsoft security bulletin and fix out for an apparently-subtle vulnerability in permission within part of Active Directory.