I sent an email to Tom DeLay, third ranking Republican in the House of Representatives, today — I asked if he was planning on issuing a retraction and apology to the American people for misleading them by claiming that Federal marshalls went into Elian’s home without a warrant, when in fact, a warrant did exist. (I wish I could reproduce the email I sent, but you can’t email House Reps anymore without knowing their email addresses. There’s now a form page on the House website, and it forwards the message on for you.)

Below is the canned reply I received. I only reproduce it to point out that his office has a grammatical error in their stock reply to constituents — note the second sentence of the email.


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From: tx22.ima.pub@mail.house.gov
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Date: 24 Apr 2000 11:08:01 -0400
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Thank you for your recent comments. I will carefully consider you
input and get a response back to you. Also I wanted to let you know
about my email newsletter available at my website http://tomdelay.house.gov.
                     Tom DeLay
                     Member of Congress