Today, I decided to install RedHat Linux 6.2 on the spare hard disk for my laptop (a Dell Inspiron 7500), mainly because I wanted to see their new graphical installation app. Then, I discovered that the graphical installer doesn’t support my video card (an ATI Mobility-P), which relegated me to the old text-based installer. Why doesn’t Linux support the basic VGA capabilities of my card? Windows doesn’t have this problem; even without drivers, the graphical installer runs in VGA mode, and you can use Windows in VGA mode (and usually SuperVGA, as well).

time warner and disney

ABC decided to pull their network from all Time Warner cable subscribers overnight, meaning that at the start of this May sweeps period, they have nearly no viewers in New York City, Los Angeles,and Houston. Total, it’s 3.5 million viewers (or 3.5 Nielsen rating points) that ABC is sacrificing. (The AP ran a screen shot of what Time Warner cable subscribers are seeing.)

Yesterday, I mentioned that someone was probing our network who didn’t belong. Today, it got sorted out — we’ve got the bottom quarter of a class C address block, and they have the top quarter; they scanned the entire class C block, something prohibited by both his ISPs. Key net admin point: don’t scan other people’s networks.

Joel is on a roll: Top Five (Wrong) Reasons You Don’t Have Testers. Among many other things, he talks about his experience with Userland Frontier (the software upon which this website, as well as his site, is based); my own experience is that it is one of the most powerful programs I’ve used, trapped behind one of the toughest interfaces I’ve used.

I have been trying to figure out where to go for my post-school, pre-residency vacation; now that Spain is setting aside an hour a night for beach sex, it should probably be scribbled onto the short list.

Salon weighs in on the best five moments from the James Bond books. (Actually, the five are the most frightening, poetic, and surreal, the best gadgets, and the best villain.)

It appears that Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are backing down on the notion of holding hearings on the use of force in the Elian seizure. Of course, though, Tom DeLay continues to spout nonsense; given that he’s still clearly trying to back out of last week’s hole wherein he claimed the lack of a warrant at all, though, it’s hard to take anything he says seriously. If ever an elected official displayed less of an ability to understand the law…