medpics -- brain and skull

What a super, super, supercool medical imaging website, and from a law portal, of all places. I need to remember this one for presentations and whatnot.

I can’t tell you how disgusting this is to me. Of course, this is much more disgusting.

I know that this shocks everyone, but Netscape’s CSS support in their 4.7X browsers still sucks. Netscape 4.73 came out today, ostensibly with bug fixes; despite me having used their special 4.7X CSS crash report site to report that one of my websites crashes Netscape without fail every time the home page is loaded (multiple times, with every version from 4.7 on), the bug still exists.

Microsoft is going to integrate biometric authentication into Windows. A great idea, but I can hardly wait to hear the complaints that Microsoft is going to put 3rd party companies out of business, Microsoft is unfairly bundling things into the operating system, Microsoft is killing the children of righteous Christians, blah blah blah…

This is pretty damn funny — concert listing service Pollstar is suing GigMania, since it appears that GigMania has been crawling the event listings at Pollstar and automatically inserting them into their own database. How’d Pollstar catch ‘em at it? They invented fake bands and cities into their own database, and watched them appear, nearly instantly, in GigMania’s own listings. (Unfortunately, the ones that Wired mentions all appear to have been removed overnight; if anyone finds some that GigMania hasn’t caught yet, drop me a line and I’ll point to them.)

Macworld has an op-ed piece about the slow but sure downfall of the Apple interface. It’s sad that this was a company that was impeccable when it came to user interface design and usability; their research labs and standards were unquestionable. Now, they seem to be abandoning it all; as the subtitle to the op-ed piece reads, “The road to usability hell is paved with brushed aluminum.”

Imagine that you’re being held in some foreign country, against your will, and then some crazy folks who think they know what’s best for you ask that the American embassy officials not be allowed to visit with you. Sound offensive? The same thing is happening here, painted with the brush of anti-Communism. (I do love the government’s response, though: “We’re not controlling who’s going into the Wye River Plantation, just as we did not control who was going in and out of Elian’s house in Florida.” This can be read as: you had no problem sheltering and indoctrinating Elian yourself, so shut the fuck up.)

To much less press fanfare and blowhard political posturing, a Greek child has been reunited with his parents in Greece. The boy was being held by his grandparents in Egypt, who were upset that their daughter married a Christian man; they refused to return the child to Greece, and the Egyptian police raided the home and took the boy back.