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I’m going to the Yankees game today; hopefully, they can extend their 5-game winning streak. Last night’s game was incredible; they were down 2 runs to the Orioles going into the bottom of the ninth, and scored four runs to win the game. (With two men on, the Os expected Jorge Posada to bunt to advance a runner; instead, he swung for the fence, homering and winning the game.) Jeff Nelson remains unbeaten at 5-0; the Yanks bullpen is now 9-0.

Yanks win, 3-1. Clemens gets the win (his 250th), Rivera gets the save (his 11th this season). And Boston loses to Tampa Bay (with Pedro on the mound, holy crap), widening the Yanks lead in the AL East to four games (as if it matters this early in the year).

Why is QuesoCam2 so much clearer than normal right now? Because it’s 81 degrees out, and my windows are all wide open — so the camera isn’t shooting through a New York, on-Broadway window, with all its accumulated grit and grime. (Update: it’s back to the grimy view, since it’s just hot enough here that I’m wimping out and cranking up the AC.)

To the people who gloat about using Eudora and thus being immune to the worm/trojan attacks of the past few days: consider yourself warned. (A slightly better account of the vulnerability is here.) Since it took all of about 14 femtoseconds for new and “improved” versions of “I Love You” to surface, it’s probably only a matter of time before someone adds the ability to bypass Eudora’s security…

Jeff Howe of the Village Voice has a good piece on Eric Corley and Martin Garbus, the publisher of 2600 and his lawyer, and their fight with the MPAA over links to DeCSS, the application that defeats DVD’s scrambling system. (Fascinating to me is that Garbus has a 20-0 record in front of the U.S. Supreme Court; unfortunately, there is a pending motion to disqualify him from this case, due to a minor representation of a subsidiary of one of the movie studios years ago.)

Imagine being a cop watching this guy commit suicide. Hopefully, the “you were there, so you have to clean it up” rule doesn’t apply…

Hey, cool — I’m a political weblog!

Ummmm…. Alex Chiu scares me. Apparently, his magnetic rings are on par with Thomas Edison’s lamp, or Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Yeah, you go, buddy.