Happy Mother’s Day!

Awesome New York moment tonight. I was on a subway headed back uptown, and a mother got onto the train with her two kids, a boy who was about six years old and a girl who was around three. The girl sits down, and making sure that her brother noticed, she yanked out a small pamphlet from her back pocket and started to read it. Her brother said (loudly) “The only problem is that you don’t know how to read, dummy.” The little girl replied “But I’m only reading to myself!” She then started to “read” out loud, making up a fanciful story about unicorns and dragons… and punctuated every ten words or so with “dot com.” Her mom was laughing hysterically, in tears, and the little boy was just confused as he could be.

The author of this headline missed the last couple minutes of the game…

In the ultimate wishful thinking, 17.3% of men reported that, given their choice of 200 women, they’d most like to do a love scene with Julia Roberts. You women want Mel Gibson most. Survey questions like this are no different than the “which vegetable would you most like to be?” questions that were sprung on you during college interviews.

The Washington Post had a good look at Battlefield Earth, and the motivations behind the movie, in November of last year. (Of course, the biggest thing I learned from the article is that Jenna Elfman is a Scientologist; nothing like that to kill a crush.) Slate has a mini-compendium of the terrible reviews of the movie, as well.

Tom and Dori (of Backup Brain) have come up with an “I Like Blogger” graphic based on the same “I Like Ike” button that’s been all over the place lately.


Jason, I thought you might be interested in this article for your news page:

Senators Question Slow Release of Judge Finances

• Posted by: Andrew Duncan on May 14, 2000, 10:39 AM
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