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Meg finally saw The Iron Giant and loved it; her camera currently features a Giant that her brother gave to her. (Note for the populace: Iron Giant toys make very welcome gifts.) If you still haven’t seen the movie, get thee off your ass and do it!

Slashdot is becoming a community of children, if the questions posed to Jeff Zeldman are representative.

I find Indiana University’s decision to let Bobby Knight stay on as head coach to be complete crap. First of all, the only reason the allegations against Knight came out was because the people who suffered his abuse couldn’t hold back any longer; it’s not like the school came upon the problem themselves and caught it in the bud, and for them to treat it like that is terrible. Second, the fact that the school president announced a new “zero-tolerance” policy towards Knight implies that in the past, abuse was tolerated at some level greater than zero, a notion that is offensive in so many ways I can’t even begin to talk about it. I feel secure in my belief that if you choke a student, physically threaten a secretary, attack one of your assistants, and choke the director of sports information, you should be shown the door, and not even given time to pack up your shit.

Of course, given the sanctions, Knight’s time is inherently limited; if you’ve ever seen a Bobby Knight press conference, you know that his intrinsic nature will prevent him from adhering to the strict conduct code announced today as part of the punishment.

I don’t know who this is worse for, the sumo wrestler or the people watching (live and on TV).

It seems that even though the request was made eight months ago, and was upheld by a judicial committee ruling over two months ago, APB News has still not received a single financial disclosure form from the Administrative Office of U.S. Courts. (Thanks to Andrew for noticing this!)

When I first installed Terminal Services on my Windows 2000 box, I had a problem when I rebooted — I got an error, saying that I didn’t have interactive logon privileges, preventing me from logging on locally. Microsoft has tracked down the problem, and if you’re installing Terminal Services after having installed the base operating system, I recommend grabbing the fix.

In another Win2K issue, it turns out that IIS assigns consecutive port numbers when using passive (PASV) FTP; it’s a behavior that makes potential FTP malfeasance a little more possible. If this concerns you, there is a fix available, and it appears it will be rolled into the first Win2K service pack.


Rehnquist has talked about the financial disclosure forms today. See

• Posted by: Sam Greenfield on May 15, 2000, 2:40 PM
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