Checking in early today — it’s graduation day, and the way that Columbia does things, it means that I’m out of commission all day. But I get to wear a kickin’ robe — the doctoral robe is very, very cool.

Can I tell you how weird it is that, in the span of one day, I go from being a student who doesn’t know shit to a doctor who is expected to be able to care for patients? Now, my signature is expected to be unreadable (and have a little “M.D.” at the end of it), every relative is supposed to have my number in case their rash gets worse, and I can get out of any boring dinner by pretending that I’m getting an urgent page from the emergency room.

I wish I wish I wish that I had a digital camera to capture the events today. (Although what I do have is an incredibly talented friend who is coming to graduation with her camera and some very long glass, so there should be some amazing pictures for my albums.)