Major thank you to everyone who sent their congratulations (or posted them on their site — and mad props back at you, Jess!); I appreciate the well-wishes more than you can know.

Oh my god, this is almost sorta funny — blast from an engine of the New York Knicks charter plane blew over and demolished head coach Jeff Van Gundy’s car yesterday. It also damaged the cars of Allan Houston, assistant coach Brendan Malone, the team media relations director. That sucks.

Now, Slashdot it trying to shift the focus from “we are explicitly allowing a copyright violation, and in so doing, are becoming copyright violators” to “Microsoft is a big fat meany!” I said it before and I’ll say it again — the base claim of Microsoft’s, that they have copyright on their statements, is the same thing that provides the strength of the GNU Public License. To defy the protections afforded by copyright is to weaken the GPL, and these morons seem to be jumping full-force into it.

Awesome: There are only five domain names left, from the Motley Fool.

Microsoft has released a fix for the cookie bug in Internet Explorer (as well as for a few other bugs). You can get it from the IE website or from Windows Update.

First, we had eToys vs. etoy; etoy won that one. Last week, we got Mattel vs. Matt Lavalee (get that C&D letter up, Matt!). Now, we have Chiquita vs. Jessica Paff (MetaFilter thread here) and a bunch of idiots vs. The Dialectizer. Feh — I wish that corporate America would buy a clue with the money it’s spending on lawyers and C&D letters.

I know that this is being logged elsewhere, but I had to weigh in: is dead. What I don’t understand is why they ever got press — it was always a nightmare of a site, and that was the only thing that distinguished it. (Why is the site still up, though?)

Wow — this is my hometown. I just remember when a kid in my high-school class stabbed a pregnant teacher (she and her baby were O.K.); inner city San Antonio is getting rougher and rougher.

It’s sort of sad to see Clint Eastwood getting into a fight with a disabled woman over something that he could easily fix.

David Anderson weighs in to debunk the oft-stated belief that larger screen size will mean more usable PDAs, cellphones, and whatnot. I don’t completely agree with his argument, though. He uses the notion that usability hasn’t generally increased with screen size to say that it won’t or can’t do so; that’s a logical fallacy. After spending three days trying to figure out how to delete an entry from my cellphone phonebook, there’s no arguing his point that handheld designers have a very long way to go to reach even moderate usability, but if there ever comes a phone with a big screen and great ergonomic/anthropologic usability, then I’m all over it.


While a bigger screen on your cellphone/PDA might help usability, its gonna kill the portability. You might as well just get a laptop. I’d much rather have a small phone than a “luggable.”


• Posted by: Paul Victor Novarese on May 18, 2000, 3:27 PM

I agree, actually — the “bigger screens” that I’m talking about are actually the size that most phones now have (like the generic Nokia phones, or the Motorola StarTacs now). I think that the amount that these screens have added to the usability of the phones, even without on-par advances in the ergonomics and menuing systems, is considerable. (I have an Ericsson CF788 that I use as my primary cellphone, and its screen is so small that even with a PERFECT menuing system, it would be a pain in the ass to use.)

• Posted by: Jason Levine on May 18, 2000, 3:50 PM

Ah, ok. I currently have a Nokia 5160, and its screen is more than big enough for “phone” use. I have some of my email forwarded to it (after filtering, of course) and I can acceptably read short messages, but there is no way to send anything back (the 61xx series is capable of sending SMS, but typing on it is a royal pain). That’s pretty much all I want anyway, sort of an overgrown pager built into the phone - the people sending me email can wait until I get to a real computer for a response. There is no way I would sacrifice size for more capability, either (I think the phone is too big as it is now). The upcoming 71xx series looks interesting, but I don’t forsee browsing very often when I’m around town.

Paul Victor Novarese


• Posted by: Paul Victor Novarese on May 18, 2000, 5:34 PM
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