Supercool. After finally getting a digital camera to play with, I decided to set up a suite here to display picture shows. The first show documents the fearless rescue of a trapped toy mouse by the intrepid monkey-cat, Sammie. (Yes, I know — I’ve given into the universal weblogger need to take pictures of one’s pet…) I’ve also redone the pictures of our trip to the Super Bowl into a show.


Last night, I brought home by far the coolest damn digital camera on Earth, and started playing with it a bit; I’m trapped indoors today by the rain, though, so the pictures aren’t as exciting as they could be.

I have no idea how the Knicks came back last night — and I watched every minute of the game. Pretty great.

Who knew that women are just as disgusting as men when it comes to the state in which they leave public toilets?

In response to the coming addition of gasoline to the service, Slate has a pretty damn good look at Priceline and the way that price discrimination works. It’s definitely an eye-opener — there’s a very strong argument that Priceline is both a response to and an assistant of the price discrimination that takes place in every single market.

“Hey Mom! I just set new high scores in both High-School Massacre and Armor-Piercing Assault! Now I’m starving — can I get another Howitzer burger????”

Wren’s Five Stages of Blogging are worth reading. I think that I’m somewhere between stage 3 (“bargaining”) and stage 5 (“acceptance”), although I have to think about it a little more.

Was there any doubt that Pepsi makes you crazy?

Oh, yer killin’ me, yer killin’ me. (Thanks!)