Congratulations to Matt and Kay!!!

You know, another medical pet-peeve of mine: patients have a few simple rights, one of which is to the truth about their disease and the situation surrounding it, and that’s why this article on doctors lying to terminally-ill patients is very unsettling to me. You know that whole do-unto-others thing? If I’m gonna die, I want to know that, so that I can do all those things I have to do to be at peace with that fact.

I figured that after this, people would learn not to stick their hands in the cages of deadly animals… but nope, not true.

Math + IP addresses + capable IP stack = loads of geekfun. Click on these (don’t worry, they’re all valid sites, and none are porn):

The Shuttle successfully docked with the International Space Station yesterday. Now comes a 6 1/2 hour spacewalk, lots of maintenance, and a lot of bitching that the Russian module wasn’t ready to install yet.