If you’re here looking for the pictures from Michelle’s graduation party, here you go.

Another only-in-New-York moment yesterday: I got off the subway in the Times Square station, and walked onto the escalator (a pretty wide one) at the same time as a woman. I was reading my book, paying little attention to the world around me, but I did realize that this woman kept fiercely looking at me. She finally asked, “Have you ever thought to yourself that standing on the same step as someone on an escalator endangers everyone else on that escalator?” The only thing I could say back was “Well, no.” She continued: “If there were an accident or emergency, and I had to move over, you would be in my way, and cause a major obstruction, and probably injure everyone here.” I was stunned — luckily, we were at the top of the escalator at this point, so I muttered something about wondering if she had ever driven in a highway lane next to someone else and walked away.

A new allegation of violent behavior in the past by Bobby Knight will go uninvestigated by Indiana, since they don’t believe that it’s any worse than any of the other things that they investigated. The allegation is that Knight punched one of his players in the side of the head; Indiana is quickly exposing themselves as a mockery of a sham of a travesty…

Ummm… a potato-powered webserver. These guys were paying attention in fourth grade, when we learned about alternative energy sources…

Today, the Boston Globe is reporting that there is a one-year gap in Bush’s National Guard service, a period during which he is completely unaccounted for. There’s relatively good evidence that Bush nabbed the National Guard spot in order to avoid being drafted into Vietnam; now it looks like he didn’t even show up to his training assigments. What an ass.

In a desperate attempt to further prolong his fifteen minutes, Donato Dalyrmple has filed a $100 million civil suit against Janet Reno and INS Commissioner Doris Meissner. (For those of you who have successfully shoved his name out of your head, he’s the guy who was in the closet, hiding Elian from the INS SWAT team.) I’ll be shocked if this suit ever gets out of the discovery phase, given the facts that (a) the family actively tried to prevent the INS agents from entering the home, and (b) the agents had a valid search and seizure warrant.

For those of you in the web biz, there’s a good resource for pricing and what to charge customers: the Web Price Index. (Thanks to brig for pointing to it…)