It’s funny — this site is supposed to be my vent, of sorts, but whenever I am about to vent something of a more personal nature, I always think twice. Tech industry, OK; politics, OK; work, OK; personal, hesitation. I don’t know why, though… it’s strange. (This also means that I have a newfound awe for the people who put their innermost feelings, or even their entire journals, on the web.)

Of course, I registered QUESO.GOD, but I also grabbed ISTHY.GOD, envisioning such URLs as “television.isthy.god” and “beer.isthy.god” for fun little projects.

That wacked-out Jish is up to no good again, with the Weblogger’s Voicemail Directory.

Damn, Joel Spolsky is rolling right along. His latest column, “Strategy Letter II: Chicken and Egg Problems”, is about the inherent problem when nobody will buy a platform because there’s no software, but there’s no software because there aren’t enough people who use the platform. My favorite quote, though:

Good for you, darling. You wrote a nice microEmacs clone for the Timex Sinclair 1000. Bravo. Here’s a quarter, buy yourself a treat.

Disney has agreed to pay $21.5 million to settle their conniving, underhanded attempt to steal’s logo. (I wrote something about this when the appeals court ruled that Disney had done exactly that.)

My fam and I were supposed to be going up to Rockland County for the long weekend, but our plans were foiled at the last minute. Given the talk about what traffic and travel is going to be like this weekend, though, maybe that’s a blessing… (Besides, New York City is empty over the Memorial Day weekend, which makes it easier to get around!)

ACK! The Knicks were so friggin’ close to taking a game in Indiana last night, and they couldn’t convert when it counted. And with Ewing potentially out for more games, this doesn’t look good…

Remember when I said that baseball was exciting this year? Well, that specifically doesn’t include the Dodgers players going into the stands on May 15th fighting the Chicago Cubs fans. Yesterday, baseball announced the suspension of 16 Dodgers players and 3 Dodgers coaches in the wake of the fight; the other shoe dropped late yesterday, though, when one of the fans involved filed a lawsuit against Dodger Chad Kreuter and both teams. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

The National Infrastructure Protection Center (a division of the FBI) has released a tool to check your Solaris or Linux system for many of the known DDOS exploits.

I don’t know why this makes me laugh, but from Slate comes an anagram for “House Passes China Trade Pact”: Accurse not happiest ass-head.