REQUEST: Last week, a friend played a Flash movie for me that was of a little group of cartoon girls, all with enormous hats shaped like various muffins, rapping a song with the chorus “I’ve got my mind on my muffins and my muffins on my mind”. They all had voices like Alvin and the Chipmunks, and the song was hilarious. Now, I’m looking for it, and can’t find it anywhere. Can anyone help?

Bertrand Meyer’s “The Ethics of Free Software” is an incredible read. It’s long, though; if you have a car or train trip over this long holiday weekend, I recommend that you print it and take it along.

Last night, I downloaded and installed the latest Mozilla nightly build, and ran it; it took exactly seven page views until it crashed. Fair enough; the nightly builds are billed as less stable, so I downloaded M15, the latest milestone release. Six page views, and crash — this candle ain’t ready to be lit.

Holy crap: a contracting company, hired by the owners of the Philadelphia nightclub located on the pier that collapsed, warned the owners that collapse of the pier was “imminent.” I see criminal charges in those owners’ futures…