Once again, proof of the biggest inherent flaw with net blocking sofware — such software must be maintained by humans and companies, and those humans and companies have their own ideological slants, business relationships, and financial fears. All of these things lead to highly inconsistent (and even highly biased) filters. (Peacefire’s own page about their project is here.)

Derek Jeter returns to the Yanks, goes 3 for 4, steals a base, and has an RBI, and the Yanks beat the Red Sox 8-3 yesterday. Life is good.

Microsoft is delaying the Outlook security patch in order to integrate some of the most frequent customer requests from the past two weeks into the update.

I went to see The Real Thing on Broadway last evening with the folks, and it was terrific. I was first introduced to Tom Stoppard with Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead, and the most recent work of his that I saw before this was Shakespeare In Love; each time, I realize just how much I love his writing. The words are so intricate, so precise, and so brilliant that it’s hard not to get totally wrapped up in the dialogue.

After the play, my parents and I walked down to Grand Central Station, and passed a set of glass doors with the coolest thing inside — a storage room full of lifesized, painted plaster cows. (And when I say full, I mean over 300 of them.) After a little research and a few bits of memory, my mom figured it out — they’re all the cows for The New York Cow Parade.