Sorry about the downtime today — Frontier crashed early this morning, leaving behind only an entry in the Event Log and a crash dump file. Ugh.

I watched the live ESPN interview with Bobby Knight, and all I can say is weak. Roy Firestone did the first half of the interview, and he was terrible — he admitted that he’s never seen the videotape of Knight choking Neil Reed (why, if he knew he was interviewing Knight, would he not have watched the tape?), he didn’t pursue any question past a tacit packaged answer by Knight, and he tried way too hard to be friendly. Example: he asked Knight about the Reed incident, and Knight said “I’ve never choked anyone in my life!” This would have been the perfect opportunity for Firestone to bring up the time Knight choked Christopher Foster, a man who made derogatory comments to Knight in a restaurant parking lot, but Firestone just sat there and nodded.

Unfortunately for Knight, though, Indiana reversed itself today and finally decided to investigate whether or not Knight punched a player in the side of the head during halftime of a game in 1990.

Sun: “Waaaah! Waah waaah waaaaaah!” Judge: “Shut up!”

Two interesting anorexia findings: young women with anorexia lack normal circadian rhythms and have a higher rate of abnormal electrocardiograms. The circadian rhythm abnormalities are most likely based to the large weight loss (i.e., being an effect, not a cause); the EKG findings, though, showed lower cardiac contractility, which is pretty scary. (You have to create a free sign-in with Medscape to read these two articles; I wish it weren’t so.)

Let me tell you, I feel terrible that a movie star was turned away from the Millennium Dome, whereas any ordinary person would have been… turned away, as well, being that there were no tickets available. Why is this news?

Oh. My. GOD. No amount of showering would convince me that I’m clean after this.

There are probably few on-the-job humiliations worse than being a cop, getting beaten by a nude man with your own nightstick.

Tip: if you don’t find what you’re looking for, try another search engine. A few days ago, after searching as best I could, I asked for help finding a specific Flash animation on the web. Yesterday, I gave the search another try, starting with MetaCrawler. I didn’t find it there, so I went directly to FindWhat (after seeing their ad on a phonebooth here). It led me to slave, who had pointed to the animation I wanted! (Warning: adult content.)