Good luck to the New York women’s club rugby team, leaving this morning for Chicago for the National Championships! (Now, if only there were an ESPN-like website to keep track of the results this weekend…)

Yeah, maybe this is for other people too, but this link to the Peanuts tribute comics is mostly for me — I want to come back to it and savor them all.

I’m interested in getting a portable MP3 player, but I really want one that takes CompactFlash cards, rather than SmartMedia. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Wowzers — I had no idea that Ricky McGinn, the man whose execution Dubya stayed yesterday, would be dead by now had a tornado not leveled his defense attorney’s office the day before his initial execution date, April 27th. Of note, Bush didn’t step in before that execution date, despite the fact that the same evidence and the same arguments were present then as they were yesterday. Dubya is such an ass.

I knew I’d read a debunking of the lemming suicide myth before, and finally, I’ve found it again, thanks to memepool.

In another effort to prevent Elian and his father from leaving the U.S., Donato Dalyrmple, remora fish to the sharks of the Gonzalez family and the U.S. media, has filed an emergency motion to schedule depositions of both. Being that this was filed by the neoconservative group Judicial Watch (the lawyers for remoraboy in his $100-million-plus lawsuit against Reno and the INS), it’s hard to see it as anything more than additional stupidity, but I guess that’s for a court to decide. At least this article gets it right, though — the first paragraph refers to Dalyrmple as a housecleaner, not a fisherman.

SANS has published their list of the 10 Most Critical Internet Security Threats, along with advice on how to eliminate the threats. It’s not a bad document to start with if you’re a sysadmin who doesn’t keep up with security alerts for your operating systems; that being said, it’s just a starting point, and you should be subscribing to the various lists and other alert mechanisms that cover security for the systems that you run.