Damn the opensource community’s twofaced approach to the law. A few opensourcers are getting their panties tied in a knot over an apparent violation of the GPL by Microsoft. Why does this piss me off? Because this is the same community that is rallying around Slashdot in their open violation of well-established copyright law. (Of course, they are doing so simply because it is Microsoft’s copyright that is being violated, so they feel that it’s somehow less illegal.) I will repeat this again: the GPL only has legal standing because of copyright law. Thus, as a community, you look like total asses if you complain about someone violating the GPL, and rally behind someone violating the teeth behind the GPL.

Of course, the GPL violation seems to be due to Microsoft swallowing up Softway Systems and their products; the violation appears to have occurred under Softway, not Microsoft. This wouldn’t be a story if Microsoft weren’t accused, though, so it’s pretty clear why it’s playing out like it is.

Frickin’ Knicks. They’re out, for another year. (Although last year I forgave them, since my true love, the San Antonio Spurs, beat them.) In the postgame interviews, Patrick Ewing looked like he just wanted to jump off a cliff.

I saw Small Time Crooks last night, and while it was funny, it wasn’t even close to the movies of Woody Allen’s heyday. Michael Rapaport was pretty great, though.

Linux users are finally about to be able to legally watch DVDs. Cool.

I came across an interesting Windows 2000 security website last night; it seems to be part-information, part-advertisement, but it has a fair amount of good information for the Win2K beginner.

Any medical student could have told you that on average, women doctors have a better bedside manner.

I think it’s pretty damn funny that The Offspring are selling bootlegged Napster merchandise from their website. It’s a little strange, though, that a pro-Napster group is doing this; it seems logical that it would be someone like Metallica that forces Napster into the position of trying to defend its copyrights while flagrantly allowing the copyrights of hundreds of artists to be trampled.