I just stumbled across possibly the single best Central Park reference in all the world. I **heart** this site.

NO!!! AP is reporting that APBNews.com has run out of money and fired its entire staff. I love APBNews — it’s a great source of news about law enforcement, the law, and the judicial system. Their fight to open what are supposed to be public Federal judicial disclosure forms is a fight that needs to continue.

In Troxel v. Granville, the Supreme Court today struck down the Washington law that allowed non-parents and non-relatives to petition for child visitation rights against the wishes of the child’s parents “so long as a parent adequately cares for his or her children.” Interestingly, the case generated six decisions, none of which were joined by a majority of five or more Justices; all summed up, though, the decision was 6-3.

In addition, the Court struck down the Ken Starr indictment against Webster Hubbell — the Justices ruled 8-1 that Starr’s office used documents against Hubbell that were obtained under a grant of immunity to him, and thus violated his right against self-incrimination.

I found out about SurvivorSucks.com just in time for this week’s episode. I particularly like the haiku section, although you would have to have seen the first episode to understand Susan’s haiku.

I honestly thought that John Rocker was making progress, concentrating on his game and getting past the SI article that exposed him as an intolerant lout with poor judgment. Then yesterday, he went and threatened the author of that article, Jeff Pearlman, in a Turner Field tunnel before the Yanks/Braves game. Unbelievable.

Of course, not all’s rotten in the game of baseball. On Monday of last week, Randy Velarde turned an unassisted triple play in Oakland’s game against the Yankees. This is an amazingly difficult feat to pull off; for those non-baseball people out there, it means that one player got all three outs of the inning on the same play. Baseball historians place the likelihood of it happening in a game at lower than those of being struck by lightning. As evidence of that, it was only the tenth unassisted triple play in the history of baseball.

So goes life in a love-hate marriage: Tommy Lee spent Memorial Day weekend in jail after his adoring wife, Pamela Anderson Lee, reported him to the District Attorney. What did she report? His parole violation of drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve, while celebrating with her. They are such a healthy couple.

Wow, I just wasted a little too much time reading The Tick FAQ (not about little bugs, but instead about the splendiferous comic book and animated series that, sadly, has gone the way of the dodo bird).