If I had to make a list of the coolest physiological structures on this here planet, gecko feet would certainly be on it. We used to have geckos all over the place in San Antonio, and being fascinated watching them effortlessy crawl anywhere was a big part of my childhood.

For all you New Yorkers out there, just what you didn’t want to know about your favorite restaurants.

Wendell, Wendell, where art thou, Wendell?

I can’t even begin to understand how this man’s vision returned after ten years of blindness. I actually couldn’t stop thinking about this while trying to fall asleep last night, and I’m stumped.

The John Rocker saga continues — he’s now considering not showing up for the minors, instead going to business school to complete his degree and becoming a stockbroker. Scariest to me is that he blames Jeff Pearlman, the SI reporter, for all of his problems; he claims that had Pearlman apologized to him “for everything [I’ve] been through,” he wouldn’t have confronted him this past weekend and threatened him. UPDATE: Rocker reported to the minors today, seemingly opting to put his stockbroker career on hold.

The Microsoft ruling doesn’t surprise me a bit, but only because I don’t think that Judge Jackson could have pigeonholed himself as a more partial judge if he tried. There are still two possible steps remaining in this trial (Federal Appeals Court and Supreme Court), so I’ve found that I’m totally uninterested in the spin from both sides right now. What I do find shocking, though, is that Judge Jackson would grant interviews with the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal in a case which is still open, and in which he still has decisions to make. He is truly shameful.

Also, I still firmly believe that any move to fast-track the case directly to the Supreme Court is merely an attempt to avoid the Appeals Court which has previously ruled unanimously against Jackson, accusing him of abuse and a tendency to invent judicial powers where there are none.


RE: blindness. There was a news program on the other night that I caught channel surfing. They were looking at PET scans, looking at active/dead regions of the brain. Some folks who were s/p CVA had recovered their abilities by “networking around” the dead areas. The guy who recovered his ability to read said that it happened “in a flash” much as the vision returned: Meaningless symbols (the letters on the sign of the store he worked at) rearranged themselves and became recognizable in an instant.

Recent studies show that the a good way to do stroke rehab is to restrain the good arm and force them to “renetwork” to drive the paretic side.

The best example I can think of is the inversion glasses experiment. Put on prism glasses that turn everything “upside down”. After a while, your processing centers will flip them “rightside up”. Take off the glasses: upside-down again for a little while!

The brain is a remarkably plastic organ, IMHO.

• Posted by: Alwin Hawkins on Jun 8, 2000, 5:50 PM
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