There’s something to be said for park crushes — when you’re out in the park, doing your thing (rollerblading and reading on the Great Lawn, in my instance), and someone just catches your eye and doesn’t let go. Of course, for me, when that person then reaches into her bag, pulls out a cigarette, and lights up, it’s like one of those record-scratch TV moments; time to find another crush.

Maybe I should be careful when I’m in the Park, though — the first few birds infected with West Nile virus have been confirmed.

Hee hee — there’s a small controversy in Washington about what Neil Armstrong actually said when he disembarked from the Eagle and became the first person to walk on the Moon.

Hmmmmm… because TiVo and ReplayTV owners are skipping through commercials on their recorded programs, the networks are pressuring the companies to remove the fast-forward and skip-ahead buttons from the units. In addition, both companies are looking into putting commercials into the recorded programs — either at the beginning and end, or in the time when you pause playback — that cannot be skipped. Looks like my VCR has a future…

Until recently, I had no idea that a friend of mine from college writes for McSweeney’s. Awesome.

In a contest for the most outrageous expense, judged by Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert), Oregonian Dan Wolff won for his expense of two voodoo dolls. The dolls were bought on a company trip and were going to be used to curse a critic of his company; he chickened out and didn’t go through with the curse, though.

You know how your MasterCard and Visa cards are issued by banks, and your American Express isn’t? That may not always be how it is; AmEx is claiming that MasterCard and Visa have illegally prevented them from using banks as issuers, and a court is allowing the case to go forward.