’s bar·ometer makes a point I hadn’t though of — isn’t the Marion Jones commercial, which laments the fact that women athletes don’t make as much as men despite working just as hard, actually a Nike commercial? And isn’t Nike the company that uses Far East sweatshops to produce its products? And don’t those people work just as hard as American garment workers, yet get paid a very small fraction of their salaries?

Ugh! I saw the picture of the kitten with two faces on the AP photo wire this week, and fell in love. Yesterday morning, though, the kitten died… that wrecks my day.

Wow — despite not knowing what I’d do with it, I want a CerfBoard. (It’s a mini-mini-webserver which runs Linux and has a CompactFlash+ slot, built-in ethernet, USB, and serial ports, and a whole lot more.)

Alan Barra, sports columnist for the Wall Street Journal (I had no idea that such a job existed!), looks at the John Rocker saga and concludes that if he were playing well, it wouldn’t matter what he says. He’s right, too — the sports industry has never been good at hiding the fact that wins and losses matter much, much more than setting good examples and being good people. Just ask Ray Lewis, Dennis Rodman, Latrell Sprewell, Bobby Knight…

Because TerraServer-surfing appears to be the thing to do, last night I found my childhood home. (The big lot northwest from my home is where I learned how to play sports; it’s also where I learned that despite him being older, the fact that my brother was also smaller and lighter meant that I owned him.) I also found my high school, my middle school, and my swimming center. Both Matt and Ev are right — it’s a little spooky seeing all of my childhood places in bleak grayscale satellite images.