The Bucks County Courier News has an article about the kitten with two faces that I talked about earlier in the week. I love the name that the family had chosen for the kitten — Image.

John Rocker, repugnant member of the Altanta Braves organization, is apparently a good pitcher again; he’s been called back out of the minors. The most exciting thing about this is that he’ll be able to make the series against the Mets in two weeks; I wonder if the fans out at Shea will give him any breaks, or if they’ll all show up with D batteries filling every pocket.

From MetaFilter comes a decent story about yet another company that made the idiotic decision to not encrypt and/or destroy their old email — Napster. Turns out that early email between the company’s founders openly discusses the fact that the service would be used to exchange copyrighted music (and the illegality of this). Doh!


I have had one of those tired-to-the-very-core-of-my-existence days, so perhaps I’ll update later. Until then…

OK, fine, I couldn’t resist one post. Today, the Southern Baptist convention in Orlando solidified my feelings about religion by declaring that women aren’t fit to be pastors, since the “office of pastor is limited to men by Scripture.” Idiots. (Isn’t this the same religion, though, that has disposed of part of the Scripture? Specifically, they forbid the drinking of any alcohol, despite the fact that wine plays a major role in various tracts of the Bible.)