Salon has a pretty damn great summary and analysis of the Central Park groping incidents over this past weekend. And on a mostly-related issue, I agree with Cam on this one — there are inordinately more assholes who attend the Puerto Rican Day parade in New York than any other parade that I’ve seen. Every year, I watch people throwing all their trash into planters and the gutters; likewise, I stopped counting the number of people who I’ve seen urinating on the sides of buildings and cars during and after the parade. The night of the parade, the number of people who drive up and down Broadway honking their horns, playing their stereos at maximum volume, and screaming at the top of their lungs until 2 and 3 AM is astounding. Is this what the Puerto Rican community wants to have people associate their culture with? It’s very tempting when it’s this damn prominent only on their parade day.

Jessica Reynolds has one of the most beautiful, well-written, and flashback-to-childhood photo essays I’ve ever seen. Go see it. Now.

Today’s Slate diary entry (all week, emergency room doctor Jennifer Walser is writing ‘em) describes what a real ER is like. Surprisingly, it’s nothing like the eponymous NBC show.

I love this. On June 13th, Damien Barrett pointed to MacToolbox, but with the following warning: “Netscape crashes on much of this site because the designer uses too many nested tables.” Now, does anyone seriously believe that this is the site designer’s fault? Is there some IETF or W3C spec that defines a limit on nested tables after which Netscape is excused for crashing? Once again, the chorus sings — Netscape sucks.

Hank Barry, CEO of Napster, now claims that sharing copyrighted music over the Internet is legal. Next, he’s going to make gravity force things upward..

The summary from the second episode of Survivor is online. I really like the style of the person writing them — it echoes my thoughts while I watch shows like this. (I know, we’re now post-episode 3, but I’m not the one writin’ them, so don’t get on my back about it!)

This sucks — Grant Hill, of the Detroit Pistons (but for how long?), is out of the Olympics. He broke his ankle during the playoffs this year, and his injury is going to prevent him from playing in Sydney.

I didn’t realize that Mozilla’s Milestone 16 release was out, as of Tuesday. Seeing as almost all the bugs that matter to me were moved to some heretofore future release, I don’t know if I’ll be downloading it, though — I think I need to let it ripen a bit more.