Yuck… a New York subway derailed today, injuring lots of people. It seems, though, that as subway derailings go, this one was the best possible — nobody has died, and it looks like it will be easy for them to get the trains back into service.

The Yankees, all of a sudden, are playing real baseball. Two nights ago, they beat the Red Sox 22-1. Last night, they won again, Andy Pettite outpitching Pedro Martinez with 7 2/3 shut-out innings. They also traded Jim Leyritz for Jose Vizcaino, getting some badly needed backup to Chuck Knoblauch at second base. (For those out of the know, Knoblauch is currently battling mental demons that are preventing him from throwing the ball well. Late last week, he pulled himself from a game after getting three errors in as many innings; two nights later, he threw a ball high to first base, hitting Keith Olbermann’s mom, sitting in the stands, in the face.)

I had no clue that Deja pulled the old (pre-mid 1999) Usenet archives down. That sucks. When they went all corporate and shit, I thought to myself that this would happen someday; I hope that they at least pass on the data to someone else if they decide not to put it back online.


Deja has been warning users for months that this would happen.

They’re moving their facilities, and needed to take down part of the archives, temporarily. At least, last time I was at Deja to read the FAQ about the move, they said it was temporary.

(Just read the article you linked to which suggested the same).

Shit happens. :(


• Posted by: Jim Roepcke on Jun 21, 2000, 5:23 PM
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