Have I mentioned how much I like Dahlia Lithwick? (Of course I have.) She checked out a Hillary Clinton stump event in the Bronx this week, and has filed a hilarious dispatch from the front lines. Fundamentally, this article strikes a cord with me because I completely agree with Lithwick — “Hillary’s frustration can only be attributable to the fact that she is a smart, talented, ambitious woman who is loathed for no discernible reason.” I can’t say how many of my friends plan to vote against her, and can provide absolutely no reason for this except “I just don’t like her!” Very strange.

Three Spanish tennis players, two of whom are ranked in the top 15 players in the world, are threatening to withdraw from Wimbledon this year. The reason is because Wimbledon traditionally ignores the world rankings of ATP, instead inventing their own ranking and seeding system, and all three Spanish players have been ranked as unseeded in this year’s competition.

Eric Alterman has a pretty damned fine column on the leaked information that a DOJ lawyer has recommended appointing an special prosecutor for Gore’s fund raising history. I truly believe that the entire oversight system is diseased and gasping for breath; I also believe that any party that feels that using special or independent prosecutors to do their dirty work deserves what will happen when they succeed, find themselves in power, and discover that the same exact tools are being used against them. (Of course, Gore has done the respectable thing and released all 150+ pages of transcripts of the DOJ meeting in order to head this thing off early.)

Hmmm… now there’s a web Napster client. Personally, I kinda like the spunk of the person or people behind Stop Napster, a website devoted to ideas and plans of how to pollute the Napster waters with incorrectly-titled songs and the like.

Start warmin’ up that plane to Havana… Elian’s goin’ home! And, much like the original decision by the Appeals Court, this decision was unanimous and was terminated by strong wording (emphasis added by me):

Expect no motions to stay the issuance of the mandate to be granted. All injunctions in this case will dissolve on Wednesday, 28 June 2000, at 4:00 in the afternoon (Atlanta time). All further requests for stays or for injunctive relief should be directed to the Supreme Court of the United States.