Happiness is spending the day rollerblading and relaxing in Central Park, and then ending up at the famous Gray’s Papaya — two hot dogs and a drink, $1.95. Getting a little bit of color in my skin doesn’t hurt, either.

The driver of the B subway train that derailed in NYC earlier this week tested positive for cocaine after the accident, but MTA authorities don’t think that the cocaine actually played a role in the accident. (Apparently, the only way a driver can derail a train is by traveling too fast through a switching area, but all indications are that the train was going as slowly as it should have been.)

The Baptist General Convention of Texas, by far the largest state contingent in the Southern Baptist denomination, is considering cutting all ties with the national Southern Baptist Convention — it seems that they’re sick of the neo-rightwing positions taken by the national group. They represent 14% of the money going to the national organization, and over 17% of the members; if they break off, they would be the ninth largest denomination in the country.