Because Wendell’s kicking sand in our collective faces, here’s my official mention of one of the coolest things in the meta-weblog world: Dan Sanderson’s new Subhonker Filter. Dan was kind enough to include me in the private beta, so I’ve played with it a bit more than most people, and I love it; now, if I only had time to surf the web…

Molson may be proud to be Canadian, apparently they aren’t proud enough of the Canadiens to continue to own them. And given the southward migration of the rest of the Canadian hockey franchises, I wouldn’t be shocked if the end result of this is that the Canadiens become Americans.

Holy crap. John Rocker’s return to New York City this coming Thursday is turning into an annoying ordeal. Today, the city announced that there will be more than 500 extra police officers at Shea, and that beer sales will be sharply curtailed (only two beers per person, rather than the normal four, and beer sales will end one inning earlier). If they think Rocker’s statements about New York made New Yorkers mad, wait until the Shea crowd finds out that they can’t buy beer… the poor schmuck’s gonna get beaned for sure.

At 4:00 PM ET tomorrow, Elian could be on a plane back to Cuba, finally ending this damn kidnapping. This CNN article also has links to the appeal to the Supreme Court filed by the Miami “relatives,” and the response to that appeal filed by Elian’s father.)

Maybe, just maybe, Moore’s Law is about to start applying to battery technology. I would love to stop having to worry about battery life on my laptop… because it would mean more continuous DVDs that I could watch!

Huge shock — air travel is just as annoying and trouble-filled as ever. And even bigger shock — the airlines blame it on everyone but themselves.

Quick update this morning, just to bring you my first flamer, who is so bent out of shape about yesterday’s comment on my part re: Internet Explorer and its 86% market share that he has gone and deleted his bookmark to Q. To quote him, “Thanks to your stupidity and arrogance, I’ve deleted your URL from my bookmark list & won’t be reading it anymore.” Good luck with your anger, there, young man… (I’ve posted the entire text of the flame, by popular request, and I corrected the mailto: links! That’ll teach me to try to type at 4:45 AM.)


Well, I was peeved about yesterday’s comment about IE, but it’s not going to make me delete my bookmark to Q, “that’s for goddamn sure”.

Q is my absolute #1 favourite site on the web. It’s good that we disagree on something!


• Posted by: Jim Roepcke on Jun 27, 2000, 1:15 PM

Damn, Jim, you just gave me the warm fuzzies. And after my day today, I needed some warm fuzzies, so consider this a job well done.


• Posted by: Jason Levine on Jun 27, 2000, 8:05 PM

Hehe… you’re welcome.

And by the way, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell the Canadiens would leave Montreal, nevermind Canada.

Not gonna happen.


• Posted by: Jim Roepcke on Jun 28, 2000, 2:35 AM

Here’s an article about the Canadiens NOT leaving Montreal.


• Posted by: Jim Roepcke on Jun 28, 2000, 5:54 AM
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