Happy birthday, America!

I survived my second night on call, and I hate to word it this way, but I learned a very important rule last night — incredibly sick kids make for incredibly effective learning opportunities. There was an oncology patient on the floor who started to spike a fever and become hypotensive, and it took a good two hours of very intensive management by my senior resident to stabilize him and transfer him to the Pediatric ICU. And no matter how many times I’ve been told in lecture settings that kids can get very sick very quickly (and how to manage those kids), it will be those two hours that serve as my best lesson every time one of my future patients starts to decompensate.

The big ships are here! The big ships are here! I had planned to go on top of the med school dorms to watch all the ships coming up to the George Washington Bridge, but getting no sleep while on call put the kibash on that idea. (The website appears to be down right now, too…)

Last week, Dahlia Lithwick wrote her wrap-up of the Supreme Court term, with special emphasis on the last week of announced decisions (abortion, gays in the Boy Scouts, school prayer, and violence against women, to name a few). She doesn’t appear to be very happy with what she saw, either…

Gawd, I hope that Tim Duncan doesn’t go to the Orlando Magic; if he leaves San Antonio, the Spurs will be nothing more than a mere impersonation of an NBA team, and a below-average one at that.

USA Swimming has banned the use of bodysuits at the U.S. Olympic Trials, yet apparently the suits are going to be allowed at the Olympics. I don’t get this. (For those who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, there are new full-body suits made out of drag-reducing material that have caused all sorts of swimming records to fall over the past year.)