I’ve had to ask people this several times today: Are you watching the web feeds? The TV show is a complete mis-fire and is only interesting if you’re using it as a guide to accompany the live web feeds.

I’ve seen hours of great reality programming over the web, and they’re not showing hardly any of it on the half-hour synopses.

Unfortunately they’re not playing up this fact at all on television, and apparently the feeds don’t work too well without broadband (even on AOL). So I completely understand if it’s not gaining popularity.

But I’m encountering people who hate the show without ever having given the web feeds a chance. I’m very disturbed that what’s become a replacement for television for me may go away simply because people never knew. So I’ve become an evangalist, posting on people’s message boards in order to bring proper attention to something that’s not boring, just mis-marketed.

Thank you for your time. :)

— Dan of BrainLog