X-rays of my ankle, after I rolled it. Thankfully, I didn’t break it; unfortunately, I destroyed the ligaments enough that I’ll be in an aircast for at least a month, and my ankle motion is limited and superbly painful. Ugh.


hey i rolled my ankle really bad, and it is very swollen what was urs like?

• Posted by: jocie on Aug 4, 2003, 1:48 AM

Mine is hammered but not broken! beacuse of my incident at second base I was able to enjoy a weekend of sitting in the sun with multiple magaritas and a good book. Pretty good life if you ask me! I might just sign on to a six month rotateing injury regement! Who knows with a little health Insurance, some good Tequila and a willing helper this could be the start of a beautiful new career.

Alright I am full of crap. THIS REALLY SUCKS! I do not recomend anyone else try and touch the inside of thier leg with the inside of your ankle…no matter how tempting it may seem.


• Posted by: MIke on Aug 11, 2003, 2:11 PM
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